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The Potts Family sent us this update on Denver (the white Great Pyrenees)

We just wanted to give you and update on Odin(Denver).  He is the most amazing dog.  We are so happy that he was able to join our family.  He’s now 99% house trained.  He is a super fast learner and just the biggest love bug.  The pic where he is sitting next to the big black dog is his sister June. He’s almost as big as her.  The little wirehaird one is his sister Gertrude.  All my dogs just love him.  We visit my mother 3-5 times a week and he loves playing with her bunch too.  Water is his favorite thing.  Hopefully next week we can head to river and he can swim.  Thank you for letting him join our family. He truly is a blessing.  

Lena Hoeflicker sent us this update on Ransom:

We adopted Ransom Sept 3 as the first dog for our 6yo son, who renamed him “Rhodey” after Captain Rhodes “Rhodey” (his favorite Avenger). Rhodey is working on some food guarding manners around his housemates, but otherwise he is adjusting beautifully.

We have a crazy busy schedule and he has been tagging along so many places from his very first day with us, and just rolling with it and having fun exploring this big world. Running errands, taking walks at kids’ sport practices, hitting the lake, and has even attended his first puppy obedience class in his first week with us. 

He especially loves the water, so he is in heaven at his grandparents’ house on the lake, and did awesome on his first boat ride. He is a lover and showing a lot of intelligence. 

At not quite 5 months, he is a lot of work (as all puppies are), but he is showing himself to be a good fit for the family, and so far getting along well with the other dogs. If only he could convince that cat to play with him. Lol. 

Sandra Florence sent us an email about Miss Kitty who was adopted a few weeks ago.

She's pretty chill.....

Feeling at home. 


Last November, we adopted a six-month-old dog named Check from your shelter. We figured you might like to know how she's doing. 

Check made the trip back to our home in Fayetteville, AR, a little bit stinky and a lot scared. We gave her a thorough bath, showed her lots of love, and renamed her Sugar. 

At the time, we didn't realize how accurate that name would be. Eight months later, I can tell you Sugar has the sweetest disposition of any dog I've known. She's a fifty-pound snuggler who loves our three children. 

She's also incredibly smart; within days, she taught herself how to open both our patio screen door and our house door to let herself in! She's still a bit skittish and very submissive to other dogs, but she's made great strides with her leash skills. 

We went through a rough patch early this year when Sugar was having a lot of stomach trouble. But her vet diagnosed food allergies and put her on a special diet. She's now back to a healthy weight and disposition. 

We're so lucky that Sugar is part of our family, and so thankful to Tri-Lakes Humane Society for taking her in as a puppy. 


Allison Hammond

 Hello this is Sarah Malo I adopted Prancer who is now named Prince.  I wanted to up date you..  He is doing well.  We are living in Bolivar until April and there is not any dog trainers here so we have been working with him.  We did fined that he can't concentrate when we use food so it's all through play . Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family.  

 We got this update from Jacy Garner about Scooby.

Constance Brown gave us the following update on Jangle.  "We think he’s settling in quite nicely.. only a couple problems i.e he thought his human size body should get in our bed too... lol ... we renamed him Jaxson. He’s absolutely perfect!" 

 Ken Eckhauser wrote: "I said I would provide an update with how Buttons and Ty were doing  after bringing them home. I hope that the pictures give the family and  everyone at the shelter peace of mind. Thank you again for making my days brighter with these two."

Rene Rippe sent us the following update on Buddy who was named Quick at the shelter.  I wanted to give you an update on this sweet fella. He is such a joy!  He graduated his first class this evening. Here’s his picture. We are going to try to get certified as a therapy dog. I know he will bring much joy to others, as he has to me. Thank you for saving him! 

Courtney Hower wrote - I just wanted to give an update on Chiclet. We have had her 4 weeks today and renamed her Daisy. She is turning out to be the most amazing dog. She is very gentle, loving and very smart. She was a breeze to potty train. She gets along very well with our horses, chickens and our other dog Fletch. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to love and spoil her.