​Occasionally we hear from some of our past residents and/or their new person with all those good stories we love!  If you would like your adoption experience to be included on this ​SUCCESS STORIES​ page, either send us your story via email at pets4u@centurylink.net or our facebook page TriLakesHumaneSociety.  If you would like to include a picture, we love to see  those and will post here, too!  Please let us know if it's okay to post if there is a family member included.

​We will add each new story at the top of this page - when we get to 10 per page then the bottom stories will drop off :)  But we're sure that will give lots of people plenty of time to read all the happy stories!

We hope to hear from you all soon!!!

 A couple of weeks ago I adopted "Barbara" who is now called Hazel, from your shelter.  I was told the people who turned her in told you that she didn't get along well with children.  At first I kept the kids away from her but she kept jumping up next to them, laying there looking happy.  She has adopted my 2 year old granddaughter and loves all the children.  

   I lost my husband 6 weeks ago and was looking for a companion as I miss my husband terribly.  Hazel is the best dog I could ever ask for!  She sleeps with me and goes wherever I go.  I love her so much! Thank you for the care you took of my dog until I found my way to her!  She is so loved and gives back everything she is given.  Again, thank you so much, I adore her!  God Bless all who car for the animals there until they find their homes.

 KARMA now known as SPICE  loves  her new mom and has taken to AGILITY like it was her goal in life!  Her new mom says that Spice is the perfect agility competition dog, she's confident, fun-loving, sweet and very, very smart and eager to learn!  AND, she gets along with all the other dogs!  After just a few hours of coming home, she settled right in like she had been there forever! She loves the lake, is crating like a champ, loves playing ball and can already do "sit", "tunnel" and "dog walk"!  She has that intense "Border Collie" stare and focus that is going to make her a major competition champion!  P.S.  Her full "Show Dog Name" is "Tri-Lakes Sugar N' Spice"!

 BOOTS sent us this picture just to let us know that he's "king of the coffee table"! :)  and "king of the house", too! :) :) :)  He loves to be right in the middle of everything.  He's very snuggly and loving, as long as it's his idea of course!  He's doing great and so in love with his new family, just as they are so in love with him! 

 INDIANA is the very first cat we have ever helped to fly to her new home - in Colorado!  And just look at how lucky she got, getting to take naps with her new baby :)

 JAKE didn't have much to say  when he sent us his pictures, he just wanted us to know that he is very happy and loves his new family and they love him just as much!

 BINDY was adopted by her dad, here with her in the picture, about 3 weeks ago.  She and dad took a really good "selfie"!  Dad says her name is now BABE and that she quickly leash trained and working on other things.  And that she's so smart and has so much potential!  Exciting news!!!

 RITZ (like in "puttin' on the Ritz") is the most handsome cat, a Maine Coon mix.  We heard from his new family and they couldn't be happier that they took Ritz home.  He has settled in like it's just the place where he's supposed to be.  There were a couple of days, that his family was worried about him - typical cat in new environment, not eating, hiding, etc. - but once he figured out he was "home" and "loved" - all was well.  Now, he's just as happy as his new family is :)

 SMOKEY & HANNAH sent us this update!  Their new persons were on a trip to Southern Missouri from Nebraska, and stopped at our shelter looking for an Irish Wolfhound or a dog similar.  Instead they met Smokey & Hannah and fell in love.  BTW, they are Catahoula Leopard Dog/German Shepherd Dog mix :)  Their first person brought them to the shelter because he was an over-the-road truck driver and felt he couldn't spend enough time with them.  Well, that was 6-1/2 years ago and they are about to celebrate their 11th birthdays, and still going strong.  They and their "new" :) persons couldn't be happier!

 TRUDY sent us this "selfie" and  this picture of her and her new BIG Brother!  She also sent us a personal note:  Dear Tri-Lakes, I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for taking such good care of me.  My family is great!  My big brother Gorden and I are still trying to figure each other out, but we're getting there.  My humans are very nice and I'm getting pretty good at letting them know when I need to go out.  I like shoes a lot, but so far I haven't done any serious damage :)  I have lots of room to run around and I've been promised we can walk down to the lake once it warms up.  Life is good!  Thanks again for everything!  Love, Trudy

 FU MAN CHU has found his furrever home and he and new family couldn't be happier.  They love him tremendously.  Said he still has a little bit of that "cattitude", but that's what makes him so special!