All of our animals, at some time or another, need a guardian angel.  The Guardian Angel Program allows individuals to provide a future for a shelter cat or dog.  By becoming a Guardian Angel, you provide food, veterinarian care and housing for an animal at the shelter.  Many of the dogs and cats in the program have been at our shelter far too long and just need special care and love.  This is a way you can show some love to a special animal and help that animal have a better life at the shelter.

You can come by the shelter and let us know you would like to be a Guardian Angel, or simply mail your monthly tax deductible check for $25.00 to us at Tri-Lakes Humane Society, P O Box 588, Reeds Spring, Missouri 65737 / Attention:  Guardian Angel.

For your $25.00 monthly sponsorship you will receive a picture and information about the animal you are sponsoring.  A picture of your animal gets hung on the wall in the front office of the shelter with your name as the Guardian Angel.  Your name will appear on this page showing which animal(s) you are sponsoring.  If you prefer not to have your name on this page, please call the shelter at 417-272-8113 or contact our Guardian Angel Coordinator at lholtga@gmail.com.  And many, many licks of gratitude from all of the furry friends at our shelter.

You can also come to the shelter to meet our animals and pick out which special pet you would like to sponsor.

In Memoriam

Vic McMillan recently passed away and his wife Edie Gottshall McMillian passed away on Aug. 11.  They were dedicated Guardian Angels for years.  In addition, they made generous contributions of food and other shelter necessities on a monthly basis.  They were such dedicated supporters of Tri-Lakes Humane Society that they remembered us in their wills.  They will be missed.


Marianne Bunger sponsors Frick!

Mary Phyl Dwight sponsors Pamela!

Al & Sandra D'Errico sponsor  Cooper   Bo  

 and Sebastian

Guardian Angels for Spirit are Gil & Ardith Edmiston!

John & Tamara Haslar are Guardian Angels for  Little Girl

 Elsi was chosen to be sponsored by sponsors, Jim & Linda Holt!

 Cassandra  Ricky

 Jazzy and  Slick 

are sponsored by Jan Hoynacki!

 Nelda Kelly is sponsoring Lamar 


Hank is sponsored by Rosa & Donald Lennon!

 Gary and  Sis

Chris Loyd sponsors both Gary and Sis!

Beth and Al Lockhart are sponsoring Joshua!

 ​Garrison's Guardian Angel is Candace Ludeke!

 Sage   Coffee   

 Beau and  Quinten

​Irma McCaskill is Guardian Angel for all 4 of these dogs!!!


Shilo is sponsored by Edie McMillan!


Carly is sponsored by Betty Moore!

       Alida   Anubis

  Clover  &  Zonkers

Barb and Gerald Oney sponsor all 4 of these dogs!!!

Patricia Sharp is Guardian Angel for Kiara.


is sponsored by Judie Sommers


Guardian Angel for Phoebe is Gail Strong!


 Apollo sponsors are C.D. & Mary Vanderweel!


Delores Viviano sponsors Facetious!

  Carileen and  Fox

are sponsored by Mendy Weiberg 

Our Guardian Angels make it possible for us to take care of all these animals.  With their $25 monthly donation it makes we are able to provide food and any medical attention ever needed.

We now have a new Guardian Angel coordinator.  If you would like to become a Guardian Angel or if you are already a Guardian Angel and have questions, please call the shelter at 417-272-8113, or email us our new Coordinator at lholtga@gmail.com or you can always contact us at pets4u@centurylink.net

The pets appreciate you and so does the Tri-Lakes Humane Society staff!