October 2019
(Our Monthly Special is only effective at the
Tri-Lakes Humane Society facility.)

The October Special of the month are employee picks.  This month our staff picked two of their favorite animals to bring to your attention.  


Take any of these loving animals home for the special price of $75 for dogs and $70 for cats during the month of October.


Alan's Picks 



Slick is a 2 year old male Anatolian Shepherd mix. He is very playful and is a big ol' Teddy bear baby. He loves tummy rubs and is happy being inside or outside with Alan.  

Sheena is a 3 year old female.  Alan picked her because she is so lovable and is always waiting for attention when Alan walks into the cat house.



Tot is an adventurous boy who is always curious.  Helovs to be with people and other cats.  He's always there to greet us in the morning with a happy meow.  He will brighten up any household.

Kinsley has such a cute and sweet face.  She's hard to resist, especially when she starts to meow.  Kinsley never met a stranger: either human or cat.  She has a great personality and is an all around joy.


Sis is well mannered and lovable.  She needs a home that will take her for walks and allow her free rein of the back yard.

Kiara is a quiet, loving and laid back cat.  She has been at the shelter too long and will make a great easy to care for addition to your family.


Tobi is a 4 year old male black and gray Tabby with wide and wise owl-like eyes. With those beautiful eyes he is observes and mirrors the world around him and is very sensitive to human emotion. If you are happy, he is happy! He loves gentle touch and loves to talk but isn't much of a lap cat. 

He gets along well with other cats and humans that are calm, quiet and gentle. He seems to maybe have a preference to female cats because he has been bullied by the boys in the past. He is curious and kind towards children but doesn't like to be grabbed at or held. It is my understanding that he does not like dogs but I think it could be that he doesn't want to be bothered by them. 

We hope you will consider giving this awesome boy a good country home where he can roam and be free to explore and observe the world around him.

Simon is a 2-1/2 year old orange tabby who has a personality like no other! He is fun and playful and loves attention. He is not a biter but rather a nibbler. If he wants your attention he will give you a quick "love nibble" on the leg and then rub up against the other. He is very social both with other cats and people. I bet he can hold his own with the canine species too but we may have to do a meet and greet with one of the shelter dogs to see for sure. Simon would make a great indoor/outdoor cat and a great mouser too. Please come and meet this funny boy. You will not be disappointed!


Sage is a 3 year old female Rottweiler/Chow Chow mix.  She is calm and as sweet as can be.  She is always happy and relaxed.  She is good on a leash and gets along with everyone.  She loves to be pet and have her belly rubbed.  She likes to play outside, being brushed and laying on her bed.  She is truly a perfect family dog.


Beau is a beautiful 8 month old male Terrier.  He is well behaved and gets along well with other dogs and children.  Beau is a playful loving dog that would be a great family member to any loving home.

Quinten is an 9 year old male Labrador Retriever/Hound mix.  He is an older gentleman.  He is very loving and has a lot of energy to play with you.  He is quiet and clean.  He will make a great addition to any family.