October 2018
(Our Monthly Special is only effective at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society facility.)

In October the staff gets to pick the monthly specials.  They spend so much time with our animals and know them better than anyone so they are going to tell you all you need to know to find a forever friend. 

Mary's Picks

Born to be Wild

    Cecil and Samantha 

Cecil was unwillingly trapped and brought to the shelter as a small kitten.  Afraid and unfamiliar with humans and being indoors he would hide in the corner behind his litter box, hoping not to be seen.  Wide eyed, curious and sweet he just seemed to be lost until... One day soon after, his sister Samantha was also trapped and brought to the shelter.  Samantha was also unfamiliar with humans but immediately gravitated toward Cecil which is unusual for litter mates that have been separated.  Samantha and Cecil are much the same personality and inseparable which is why we are adopting them together.  Clearly their Gypsy souls are ONE!!!    You can get these two beauties for $75.

Ivette Picks of the Month

   Crystal is a sweet girl who bonds well one-on-one; she's got enough energy to keep up with your morning or evening jog and enough love to keep a smile on your face when you come home to her.  She is very curious and intelligent and she gets along well with young male dogs.  She adores being petted and giving dog-kisses!!  Take Crystal home for $75.

 Roscoe is a total snuggle-bug and he loves meeting new people.  He would make a great walk companion who loves to play fetch.  He has very expressive eyes that are sure to catch your attention.  Take Roscoe home for $75.

 Ashlyn's Picks

 Sundae is a cool looking cat full of personality.  She thinks she's in charge.  Sundae likes to be petted and played with.  Adopt this little love for only $60 this month.

 Gracie has a friendly personality and likes attention.  When she's really happy, she will knead all day long.  She always seems to be in a good mood and happy to see everyone.  Adopt this girl for $60 this month.

Mel's Picks

 Hippy is an awesome dow who walks great on a leash.  He loves to cuddle with people.  I'd swear his heart is made of pure Gold!!!  You can adopt Hippy this month or $75.

Alan's Picks

Check  and ChooChoo  are 5 month old Collie/Lab mixes.  These awesome pups were dumped by the side of the road with a sign that said "Free Puppies".   Crazy.  These two were a little camera shy but just the sweetest girls ever.  They greeted me like old friends.  Come and check out these sweet sweet girls.  They've been spayed and are ready to go to a forever home. This month you can get them for the special price of $75 each.

‚ÄčThis is a wide variety of cats and dogs recommended by the people who are with them everyday.  Such good choices at a special price.  Life is good.