Adopting a Senior Pet can be quite rewarding.  We often have pets that are over 7 years, which is  considered Senior for dogs and 8 years is considered Senior for cats.  We have found that these pets still have a lot of life in them and they are so appreciative to have a new home.  You will be so happy if you adopt a Senior, you don't have to put up with that puppy or kitten rambunctiousness!  Senior pets are secure with themselves and are happy just to be with you and be a part of your family.


Quinten is a 9 year old male Labrador/Hound mix.  This stray was brought in by the local police but this sweet guy wasn't breaking any laws.  Quinten may be a little older but he has lots of energy and is very very friendly.  If you come in and meet this gentleman, you'll be very impressed.

Sis is a 7 year old female Blue Heeler mix.  Sis, her brother, Peanut and Jace were brought into the shelter because their owner is moving and couldn't keep them any more.  Sis is house trained and does well with other dogs and cats.  She is a great dog to accompany you on walks.  She is going to be someone's new best friend.

Bradford is a 7 year old male English Bulldog.  This guy was owner relinquished because he didn't like to share his toys with other dogs.  Hmmmm, that sort of sounds like a normal dog.  He is house trained and is so social and likes other dogs.   Come and meet this big old love bug.

Shaggy is a 7 year old male Beagle mix.  His owner couldn't keep him any more.  Shaggy is housebroken and does well on a leash.  This guy likes to go on walks and is very friendly.  He is ready for a forever home that will appreciate him.

Plopper is a 13 year old female.  She was owner relinquished due to family allergies.  This dilute Tortoiseshell is very friendly and declawed.  She will make a great lap cat and just needs some to love her and that she can love back.  


So, please check out our seniors and see if you might give one of them a chance at a good life with your family.  Their time is precious and they will love you for sharing that time with them.


From time to time we take in an animal that has "Special Needs" and we will post that animal here.  Always that pet becomes very "special" to us here at the shelter and we can assure you that pet will also become very "special" to you, if you decide to adopt.  We hope that when we post that pet on this page, you will consider giving that pet a chance.

Scooter our special needs kitten has found a forever home.  Thank you for your help and support.