Cool Cats

All our Cool Cats are tested for diseases, vaccinated for rabies and spayed/neutered.  Come to the shelter and adopt one of our healthy cats.

Due to Covid-19, please make an appointment with the shelter before coming to visit one of our animals. Masks are required.



Marnie is a 1 year old female.  She and 3 of her kittens were found at a condemned house and brought into the shelter.  This girl is a good mama but the kittens are weaned.  She is affectionate and will make a great companion, sitting by you on the couch.  She is ready for a forever home where she can enjoy being the young cat that she deserves to be.

Kona 3.JPG


Kona is a 2.5 year old female.  Her owner had allergies and had to relinquish Kona.  She is good with small dogs and cats.  She hides when kids are around.  This girl loves meeting new people.  Come by the shelter and meet this darling.



Richard is a 3 year old male.  He was found as a stray.  Unfortunately Richard has Feline Aids.  This can only be passed to other cats but it means that Richard should only be in a home with other cats that have Feline Aids or a home with no other cats.  He should live a good long healthy life as an indoor cat.  This handsome guy is friendly and ready for a forever home.

Layne 1.JPG


Lane is a 1 year old male.  He was found as a stray and is a little shy.  He has warmed up a lot since he has been with us.  He loves to cuddle under his blanket and just wants to find someone to take the time love him.  He needs a forever home

Legacy 1.JPG


Legacy is a 1 year old male.  He was found as a stray and has taken a while to warm up.  However, he is coming around.  Although it may take some patience we think he will make a great companion.

Snowball 5.JPG.jpg


Snowball is a 3 year old male.  His owners moved leaving him behind.  The neighbors rescued him and brought him to the shelter.  He is a well behaved cat and likes being petted.  Snowball has FIV, which can be transmitted to other cats so he needs to be an only indoor cat or in a household that has other cats with FIV so he won't spread the disease.  Come meet this guy, he deserves a forever home.

Princy 3.JPG


Princey is a 10 year old male.  This guy was owner relinquished.  He is a little standoffish at first but warms up once he is comfortable. Princey is declawed. He is pretty calm and will make a great couch buddy.



Dewdrop is a 9 month old male. He was owner relinquished. He is playful and energetic. Are you ready to love this adorable little guy?

Joplin 1.JPG


Joplin is a 1 year old female. Joplin in a fun girl with a great personality. She seems to be up for anything. Her kittens have been weened and are adoptable now it is her time for all the attention. She will make a great family cat.

Charleston 3.JPG


Charleston is a 3 year old male.  He was owner relinquished because the new dog didn't like her.  He is a little shy at first but warms up quickly.  He really likes to be petted and gets along well with other cats.  Charleston is ready for a forever home.

Landon 1.JPG


Landon is a 4 month old male.  Landon is a shy little man.  He prefers to be around his cat friends but with time and attention he will come around.  He's just a little scared. Now he's looking for a new loving forever home.

Juliet 5.JPG


Juliet is a 1 year old female. This beautiful calico is a great mother but she's ready to set out on her own. The babies will be ready for adoption soon. She is a little bit reserved but she likes being petted however she's not crazy about being held.  She would make a great companion cat.

Juneau 5.JPG


Juneau 1 1/2 year old female. Do you know the capital of Alaska is Juneau? Juneau is a very expressive and loves affection. She also loves her food.  She is FIV positive (feline Aids) she can live a long and healthy life, but would need to be an only cat and stay indoors.  Please won't you consider giving her a loving home?

Mandy 7.JPG


Mandy is a 1 1/2 year old spayed female. This snow white beauty was found on the side of the road and brought to our shelter. She has a very warm and friendly personality that shines through. She is always looking for attention and food. Mandy is FELV (feline Leukemia )positive. Which means she can live a normal life that would require her being the only cat as well as being an indoor cat. Mandy will fill your heart with joy.

Shirley 2.JPG


Shirley is a 9 month old female.  Shirley is a beauty.  She is shy being new to the shelter but it helps to have her sister Laverne by her side so we are going to keep them as a bonded pair. She does enjoy being petted so we think she should soon come out of her shell. These girls will make a great addition to your family.

Cheerio 5.JPG


Cheerio is 9 month old male. Cheerio is an energetic and affectionate boy. He loves his siblings (Puff, Kashi, Pop, and Pebbles). He is just a delight and will warm your heart.

Dani 4.JPG


Dani is a 4 month old female.  This little cutie is going to be a handful.  She is just so full of energy.  She is on the move constantly.  Dani loves to play with her littermates as well as the other kittens.  These babies were brought in as strays.



Winifred is a 4 month old female.  She is a little on the shy side and could use a little extra TLC to bring this little cutie out of her shell.  She has a sister, Dani, and brother, Thackery, who she gets along well with.  Maybe you can find it in your heart to give this tiny girl a chance.

Kashi 4.JPG


Kashi is a 9 month old male. Kashi and is littermates were brought to us because the owner had to many animals to care for. Kashi is cheerful who loves affection of any kind. He is very playful and loves his siblings.  He is ready to come home with you and will brighten everything around him.

Wally 1.JPG


Wallie is a 2 year old male.  He is timid when he first meets you but loves when you scratch his chin. He has gorgeous yellow eyes that just call you to him. He's a sweet and handsome gentleman. Come by and meet this sweetheart.

Alicia (2).jpg


Alicia 3 year old female dilute Tortoiseshell. Alicia is a little on the shy side but being fairly new to the shelter that's to be expected. With patience and TLC, we're confident she'll warm up quickly. She was owner relinquished due to a move. She is very bonded to her sister Steffani. Maybe you can find it in your heart to give these two sisters a loving home.



Steffani is a 3 year old female calico. Steffani is a great girl. She enjoys being petted. She is new to the shelter with her sister Alicia. The two are very bonded.  Their owner was moving and couldn't take them. Hopefully these bonded sisters can worm their way into your heart.

Sabrina 6.JPG


Sabrina is a 2 year old female. Sabrina is a little on the shy side. She has a litter of kittens that will be available soon but now she can use some TLC to bring this beauty out of her shell. Sabrina will be a good addition to your family.



Allie is a 3 year old female.  This pretty lady is a beautiful abyssinian.  She enjoys being petted but doesn't seem to enjoy the company of other cats.  She would be good in a single cat household.  She was owner relinquished due to owner's health issues.  Come by and meet this pretty lady.

Black Jack 4.JPG

Black Jak

Black Jak is a 2 year old male. Black Jak he wants you to hold him most of the time.  He is very affectionate and he just eats up all the loving you can give him. So double down on Black Jak.

Emma 3.JPG


Emma is a  2 year old female.  She is a little shy and most of the time you can find her under her blanket. She enjoys being petted and especially loves having her chin and cheeks scratched. With a little time and patience she will warm up quickly. She came in with her brother, Edward, who is also available.

Milkshake 5.JPG


Milkshake is a  2 year old female. This beauty has a very cool and sweet personality. She likes attention. She had 2 babies since she has been here: Halo and Tangelo who are also available for adoption. Milkshake likes to explore and play with toys. She would be a sweet treat on a warm day.

Keke 1.JPG


Keke is a 5 year old female.  She is very independent and she likes being petted. Keke gets along with the other cats and she also gets along with dogs.  She is ready for a forever home.



Cassidy is a 1 year old female.  She is a pretty little thing with a sweet personality. She is also very independent - she has places to go and things too see. She was a good mother to 3 adorable babies (available soon) but now it's her chance to shine and find her forever home.

David 4.JPG


David is a 3 month old male. David is a natural born leader. He has 2 sisters to follow his lead Laurie (available now) (Tracy available soon) He is an adventurous kitten that is always on the move. David is named after David Cassidy from the Partridge family.



Chai is a 2 year old male. He is a timid boy who we think will warm up eventually.  Right now he would probably be a great barn cat.  This guy is bonded with his friend MS.Mocha and we would love to see them go to the same forever home.

Ms Mocha 4.JPG

Ms Mocha

Ms Mocha is a 2 year old part Siamese female. She is a sweet but shy girl who is bonded with her friend Chai. She would be great  with a single person so as not to be overwhelmed.  Don't you just love those beautiful blue eyes.



Penelope is a 2 year old female. Penelope is a very laid back, easy going cat. She will probably prefer a quiet home. She loves to be petted and gets along with other cats. She would make someone a wonderful lap cat. Penelope is too great to pass up.

Andie 9.JPG


Andie is a 1 year old female.  She was owner relinquished due to the owner having dementia.  She is a bit shy and has been and indoor/outdoor cat.  She likes to be petted but isn't a big fan of other cats.  This lovely is ready for a forever home.

Joanie 6.JPG


Joanie is a 9 month old female. Joanie is a very chill easy going girl who loves to be petted. She loves her toys and treats and gets along well with others. She is going to make someone a great girl.

Marion 7.JPG


Marion is a 1 year old female. She is such a great mother to Joanie, Fonzie, and Chachi. Now it's her turn for the spotlight to be on her. She is a very calm and regal cat who loves affection. She is a great lap cat very calm and gentle. You will definitely have Happy Days with her.



Chachi is an 8 month old male.Chachi is a handsome boy who was born under the shed of his rescuer. She fed and cared for Joanie, Marion and Fonzie until we could get them to our shelter. Chachi would make a great outdoor or barn cat as his social skills aren't there yet. He needs some TLC to bloom. Hopefully he will be as charming as TV Chachi,soon.

Hope 1.JPG


Hope is a  6 month old female. This lovely little girl is Hope, she and her sisters came from a lady that had too many cats to care for. She is social with both humans and cats and is very loving. She enjoys playing with toys and snuggling. Our wish is that she finds a loving forever home.


Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers is a 1.5 years old male. This handsome gentleman is definetly a family cat. He has a go with the flow personality. He loves children and as much affection as you can spare. You will just want to scoop up this guy and when you do he will just melt in your arms. Mr. Whiskers will be a welcomed addition to your family.

Cherry 2.JPG


Cherry is a 9 month female.  This pretty girl is very playful and energetic.  She was found as a stray but is very happy around people.  Come by the shelter to meet her, you won't be sorry.

Petree 4.JPG


Petree is a 6 month old male. Petree is a bit reserved when you meet him. Once he warms up he likes to snuggle. He isn't just quite sure what to think about being at the shelter yet. With time and patience he will settle in. Just like his name sake from The Land Before Time. Fun fact : he's also a polydactal (extra toes).

Patches 3.JPG


Patches is a 1 year old male.  He was owner relinquished.  He is good with other animals and good with kids.  He is very cuddly and ready for a forever home.

Cooper 2.JPG


Cooper 3 year old male. This tough guy came to us as a stray who had been battered by other cats. His wounds have since healed. He will melt your heart with his personality. Cooper never wants the scratches to end. He has some unique features like his dark eyeliner and extra large feet. He can be food aggressive even with humans probably from life on the street. Cooper is tough like his favorite rockstar Alice Cooper. This rockstar is ready for his new home.

Dee 4.JPG


Dee 7 year old female. Dee is a unique girl in every sense of the word. She has a calm, quite personality unless she wants something then she will tell you all about it. She loves chasing her toys around. So cute to see. Dee would make a great lap cat or constant companion.

Chong 2.JPG


Chong is a 1.5 years old male. Chong is a wonderful boy who wants you to love him all the time. He even reaches for you to hold him. Chong has a gentle soul that just wants to be loved and cuddled. If you're longing for a companion who exudes love,

Allana 2.JPG


Alana is a 1 year old female. Alana is a chatty Cathy who just wants your love. She would like to be your only pet as she isn't to fond of canines or felines. Alana  is a love bug with a big personality. If you're looking for a girl with a sweet face and awesome personality, she is your girl.

Kelsey 4.JPG


Kelsey is a  2.5 years old female. Kelsey has a very motherly personality. She is a mother of 5 boys that will be available soon. Kelsey is very loveable and enjoys being loved on. She is also a great talker, she will let you know if she has something to say. Kelsey is just a pure joy with a great big heart.



Goliath is a  3 year old male. Goliath is a big boy there isn't  any way around that. He is a gentle giant. He's a docile boy, very well behaved and kind. There aren't words to describe how wonderful this guy is. Goliath will melt your heart when you meet him.

Ozzy 1.JPG


Ozzy is a 3 year old male. Ozzy isn't a tame cat he will be strictly a barn cat. He would make a great mouser. He isn't people friendly. If your looking for natural pest control he's your guy.

Lovino 8.JPG


Lovino is a 3 year old male.  He was owner relinquished.  He makes friends quickly and likes to be held.  This cuddly guy is good with other cats but doesn't like big dogs.  He will make a great addition to your family.

Miranda 3.JPG


Miranda is a 2 year old female. This girl is sweet as sugar. She was brought to us with her litter of kittens (available soon).  This playful girl loves attention and she is an all around great girl. She will be a great addition to your family.