Guardian Angels

Have an Impact

The Guardian Angels program allows people to sponsor an animal and help pay for food, vet bills, toys, etc.  For $25 per month, you can help support a cat or dog.  Your name and a picture of your sponsored animal will appear on the Guardian Angel page.  There is also a wall at the shelter with pictures of the animal and the name of their sponsors.  Call the shelter for more information or email Linda Holt at for more information on the Guardian Angel Program.


Marianne Bunger sponsors Ramona

Paris Close is sponsoring Kona

 Paris Close is also sponsoring and Squeeky

Mary Phyl Dwight sponsors Bowtie!

Gil & Ardith Edmiston sponsor Nora Jones!

Nina Grayson sponsors Carmen!

John & Tamara Haslar sponsor Sheila!

Jim & Linda Holt sponsor Endora!

Jan Hoynaki is sponsoring Marley

Jan Hoynacki is also sponsoring Spruce!

Jan Hoynacki is also sponsoring Rebel!

Jan Hoynacki is also sponsoring Tobias!

Rosa & Donald Lennon sponsor LaBelle!

Beth and Al Lockhart are sponsoring Silas.

Chris Loyd sponsors Beatrice!

Chris Loyd also sponsors Devon!

Candace Ludeke sponsors Habit!

Irma McCaskill sponsors Aurora

Irma McCaskill also sponsors Rocky!

Irma McCaskill also sponsors Tiffany!

Irma McCaskill also sponsors William!

Betty Moore sponsors Dreamer!

Barb and Gerald Oney sponsors Jax

Barb and Gerald Oney also sponsor Frazier!

Barb and Gerald Oney also sponsor Rose!

Barb and Gerald Oney also sponsor Shelby!

Patricia Sharp is Guardian Angel for Danica.

Judie Sommers sponsors Hula!

Gail Strong sponsors Sophia!

C.D. and Mary Vanderweel sponsor

Mendy Wienberg sponsors Zariah!

Mendy Wienberg also sponsors Ginger!

Rebecca Wilkens is sponsoring Richard!

Rebecca Wilkens is sponsoring Snowball!

Chase Winemiller sponsors Blue Bell!

Grey Cat


Physical Address: 102 Washboard Hollow Rd, Reeds Spring, MO 65737
Mailing Address: P.O Box 588, Reeds Spring, MO 65737