Guardian Angels

Have an Impact

The Guardian Angels program allows people to sponsor an animal and help pay for food, vet bills, toys, etc.  For $25 per month, you can help support a cat or dog.  Your name and a picture of your sponsored animal will appear on the Guardian Angel page.  There is also a wall at the shelter with pictures of the animal and the name of their sponsors.  Call the shelter for more information or email Linda Holt at for more information on the Guardian Angel Program.

Woman Hugging Dog
O'Fallon 3_edited.jpg

Debbie Bennett sponsors O'Fallon!

Jill 5.JPG

Marianne Bunger sponsors Jill!


Sue Ann Cantwell is sponsoring Cash!

Winifred 1.JPG

Paris Close is sponsoring Winifred!

Legacy 1.JPG

 Paris Close is also sponsoring Legacy

Vernon 4a.JPG

Mary Phyl Dwight sponsors Vernon!

Juneau 5.JPG

Gil & Ardith Edmiston sponsor Juneau!

Joanie 6.JPG

Nina Grayson sponsors Joanie!

Kashi 4.JPG

John & Tamara Haslar sponsor Kashi!

Emma 2.JPG

Jim & Linda Holt sponsor Emma!

Marley 6.JPG

Jan Hoynacki is also sponsoring Marley!

Dwayne 5.JPG

Caitlon Huber is sponsoring Dwayne!

Rene 8_edited.jpg

Beth and Al Lockhart are sponsoring Renee.

Paisley 4.JPG

Chris Loyd sponsors Paisley!

Seymore 11_edited_edited.jpg

Chris Loyd also sponsors Seymore!


Candace Ludeke sponsors Carson!

Joel 9.JPG

Irma McCaskill sponsors Joel!

Pugsley 3.JPG

Irma McCaskill also sponsors Pugsley!


Irma McCaskill also sponsors Dew Drop!

Graham 6_edited.jpg

Irma McCaskill also sponsors Graham!


Barb and Gerald Oney sponsors Charlene


Barb and Gerald Oney also sponsor Frazier!

Sylvester 5_edited.jpg

Barb and Gerald Oney also sponsor Sylvester!

Bruno 4.JPG

Barb and Gerald Oney also sponsor Bruno!

Dani 4.JPG

Patricia Sharp is Guardian Angel for Dani.


Gail Strong sponsors Karen!


C.D. and Mary Vanderweel sponsor Allie!


Mendy Wienberg sponsors Patsy!

Tully 6.JPG

Mendy Wienberg also sponsors Tully!

Grey Cat