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There are numerous opportunities to help Tri-Lakes Humane Society. With all these different areas there should be somewhere you and your talents can be of service. Call the Shelter or the Thrift Store to find what works best for you.

Animal Shelter

  • Dog Walking, Playing and Socializing - Walk dogs in our beautiful dog walking area and get them used to being on a leash. Play with the dogs and puppies to get them socialized and trusting new people.

  • Dog Bathing - We like to have our dogs looking all spiffy when they interact with the public or just hanging out.

  • Cat Cuddling and Playing - A lot of our cats and kittens appreciate playing and cuddling with a live person. It also gets them socialized to help them find a forever home.

  • General Cleaning and Special Projects - There are always areas in the shelter that can use a good cleaning or if you have a large group we can come up with a major project.​


Taking care of our animals that need a little bit extra love and attention.

Puppies or kittens that need to be bottle fed or some attention when the shelter is closed.

  • Senior animals that need a quieter atmosphere than the shelter.

  • Cats or dogs that need medication or attention recovering from illness or surgery

If you are interested in volunteering to be a foster parent please fill out the application and email it back to the shelter at

Thrift Store

  • Sorting, Pricing, and Organizing - Help sort through donations and ​find the right location in the shop to display them. Some Items may need to be cleaned before they can be put on the sales floor.

  • Cash Register - Cashiers normally work 3 hour shifts.​

Volunteering: About Us

Satellite Adoptions

  • Off- Site special events - We often take our animals out to special events to get them adopted. We need help transporting and handling the animals as well as setting up the displays/cages.

Fund Raising

  • Help with Fund Raising events organized by Tri-Lakes Humane Society. These events almost always need a lot of extra hands doing all kinds of things. 

  • Set up your own fund raising events - Have a bake sale, car wash, or anything else your creative mind can think of to help raise money.

Fund Bank Collection

  • Collect Fund Banks at local businesses in Taney or Stone county every couple of weeks.

Nursing Homes

  • Take a well socialized dog or two to visit one of our local nursing homes. The residents love it.

Volunteering: About Us

Remember, their best hope is us.... our ONLY hope is you!

Volunteering: About Us
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