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All our Cool Cats are tested for diseases, vaccinated for rabies and spayed/neutered.  Come to the shelter and adopt one of our healthy cats.



Male DOB 3-1-2021.  Mantis and his 4 litter mates came from a hoarding situation so they haven't been socialized much.  The three siblings left are our longest term residents.  In the time they have been with us, they have made a lot of progress from bouncing off walls to letting us pet them. With more work and love the Furious Five (from Kung Fu Panda) won't be so furious.  As a long term resident, his adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!



Crane female DOB 3-1-2021.  Crane came from a hoarding situation and with some time has become a friendly girl.  She and her siblings are our longest term cat residents.  She is quiet and content most of the time and loves playing with the other cats.  She has been at the shelter for a while and is very ready for a forever home.  As a long term resident, her adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!

Ping 2_edited.jpg


Ping - male DOB 3-1-2021.  Ping and her 4 litter mates came from a hoarding situation.  She has gotten better, but is still a pretty shy gal.  She does not do well with other cats.  We are sure with some patience, you'll become her best friend.  As a long term resident, her adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!

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Majestic - female DOB 3-29-2020. This shy girl is finally coming around. She came with 2 kittens, Lucky and Charm.  This little family were found living outside. If you are the one who can give the extra love and attention, we're sure you will have a strong bond with Majestic.  As a long term resident, her adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!


Ash - male DOB 5-13-2018. Ash is the sweetest boy, he loves being pet and brushed. He is quiet and gentle.  He would love to meet you! He is FIV positive which means he can live a long healthy life but should be an inside cat and an only cat or live in a home with other FIV cats.   As a long term resident, his adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!

Marco 5.JPG


Marco - male DOB 11-23-2019.  Marco a quiet and gentle personality, He eats up attention. He'll reach up  to you to be picked up or for attention.  This guy gets along well with everyone. He is FIV positive but he can live a long happy healthy life with another FIV positive cat or as a single baby.   As a long term resident, his adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!


Yoshi - female DOB 1-3-2017. This beautiful calico likes to be petted but being picked up is not her thing. Her owners moved and couldn't bring her. She seems to prefer a quieter home so come check out this great girl.  As a long term resident, his adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!

Yoshi New.jpg
Pearl 2.JPG


Pearl - female DOB 7-12-2022. Pearl is a very quiet shy girl who is usually found curled up in the corner. She needs some extra time and patience to shine. This Pearl is perfection.


Mary female DOB 9-24-2022  She is a lovely girl. Mary likes a good scratch and enjoys being held and petted. Her purr gets switched on easily. She is FIV positive but that isn't stopping this little lady.  She would need to be in a single cat household, or with other FIV cats. Watch her garden grow.

Mary 5.JPG
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Birde New_edited.jpg


Female DOB 5-20-2023.  This is cute little birdie.  She is shy and sweet.  She enjoys being petted, but being held is not her thing.  Once she is comfortable, she comes out of her shell a little.  She was found under a golf cart.  We are confident that once she’s in her comfort zone, she’ll make a great companion.  Don’t let this little birdie fly away.



Male DOB 12-29-2022. Kincaid is a shy guy himself.  He is the father to the partridge family litter.  He gets scared when you go to pet him, but once you do he begins to purr and enjoy it.  He does not like to be held.  He is young enough that with some extra time and patience, we are sure he would make an excellent lap cat.

Paprika Main.jpg


Female DOB 1-10-23.  This little girl is getting used to the shelter and very, very shy.  She is OK with being petted but is going to need a little TLC.  Are you the right person to bring her out of her shell?

Cinnamon Main.jpg


Female – DOB 11-11-23.  Cinnamon is a tad on the spicy side.  We are hopeful that once you get to know her and crack that shell of hers, she’ll come around.  She just needs a good dose of TLC and a big dose of patience to mellow out this Cinnamon stick.



Male – DOB 8-24-2023. Quincy is quite scared at this time.  He does hide a lot of the time and doesn't seem to like a lot of attention. He's going to require TLC to bust him out of his protective shell.

Victoria Main_edited.jpg


Female DOB 8-24-2023. Victoria is a very scared girl. She hides a lot but when she can play with other kittens, she seems to let loose and be a kitten.  We know that with a little extra love and patience, she will break out of her shell.

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