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Juneau - female DOB 6-24-2020. Do you know the capital of Alaska is Juneau? Juneau is a very expressive and absolutely loves affection. She also loves her food.  She is FIV positive (feline Aids) she can live a long and healthy life, but would need to be an only cat, or only with other FIV cats, and also stay indoors.  Please won't you consider giving her a loving home?

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Kashi - female  DOB 10-28-2020 . Kashi and --her littermates were brought to us because the owner had to many animals to care for. Kashi is cheerful and loves affection of any kind. She is very playful.  She is ready to come home with you and will brighten everything around her.

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Mimi 2_edited.jpg


Mimi - female  DOB 6-11-2016.  She is FIV positive which means she can live a long healthy life but should be an inside cat and an only cat or live in a home with other FIV cats.  Mimi is a great girl with a wonderful personality and she is such a litte chatterbox.  She loves being petted but can get a little sassy.  Mimi will be a great lap cat and constant companion.

Mantis 2_edited.jpg


Mantis - male DOB 3-1-2021.  Mantis and his 4 litter mates came from a hoarding situation so they haven't been socialized much. In the time they have been with us, they have made a lot of progress from bouncing off walls to letting us pet them. With more work and love the Furious Five (from Kung Fu Panda) won't be so furious. 

Crane 5.JPG


Crane female DOB 3-1-2021.  Crane came from a hoarding situation and with some time has become a friendly girl.  She is quiet and content most of the time and loves playing with the other cats.  She has been at the shelter for a while and is very ready for a forever home.

Ping 2.JPG


Ping - male DOB 3-1-2021.  Ping and his 4 litter mates came from a hoarding situation so they haven't been socialized much. In the time they have been with us, they have made a lot of progress from bouncing off walls to letting us pet them. With more work and love the Furious Five (from Kung Fu Panda) won't be so furious. 

Licorace 3_edited.jpg


Licorice - male DOB 3-15-2019. This quiet boy is no trouble at all. He would like to just sit on your lap all day or be your Netflix buddy.  Boy does he love being pet!  He tested positive for FIV but he can live a normal happy life. He would need to be an indoor cat and an only or live with other FIV positive cats.  Please come visit him, he'd love to meet you!

Majestic 3.JPG


Majestic - female DOB 3-29-2022. She is fairly new to the shelter and still pretty scared. She came with 2 kittens, Lucky and Charm.  This little family were found living outside. If you are the one who can give the extra love and attention, we're sure you will have a strong bond with Majestic.



Ash - male DOB 5-13-2018. Ash is a pretty shy guy. He's taking a little while longer to adjust. Ash doesn't mind being petted or picked up.  We think he'll come out of his shell in a home with love and patience. He is FIV positive which means he can live a long healthy life but should be an inside cat and an only cat or live in a home with other FIV cats.

Pepper 3.JPG


Pepper - female DOB 6-22-2015  Pepper knows she is a beauty and likes to show off,  She doesn't really enjoy being held and she practices kitty parkour when you try.  She is affectionate and will make a great lap cat.  Her owner passed away leaving no one to care for her.

Smokey 1.JPG


Smokey - male DOB 8-16-2019.  This handsome guy has the most unique coloring.  He has a light gray undercoat below his black fur.  So unique. He is just wonderful, likes to give head butts and nuzzles.  He welcomes all attention. He is FIV positive which means he can live a long healthy life but should be an inside cat and an only cat or live in a home with other FIV cats. You'll be hard pressed to find a better cat.

Marco 5.JPG


Marco - male DOB 11-23-2019.  Marco a quiet and gentle personality, He eats up attention. He'll reach up  to you to be picked up or for attention.  This guy gets along well with everyone. He is FIV positive but he can live a long happy healthy life with another FIV positive cat or as a single baby.

Horation 2.JPG


Horatio - male DOB 12-14-2015.  This suave guy is very charismatic and adores chin scratches.  He also loves toys which is is loathe to share with other cats so he will probably do best as an only cat.

Dawn 2.JPG


Dawn - female DOB 12-24-2020.  Dawn is very shy.  But with time, we think she will come out of her shell. Her brother, Ellsworth, loves her so much and brings out her playful side.  Come by and meet this cutie.

Ellsworth 3.JPG


Ellsworth - male DOB 1-4-2021. Ellsworth has been fairly nervous since coming to the shelter with his sister, Dawn. So much so he keeps his foot in her kennel next door. With time and patience we're hoping his true personality will shine through.

Sophie 7.JPG


Yoshi - female DOB 1-3-2017. This beautiful calico likes to be petted but being picked up is not her thing. Her owners moved and couldn't bring her. She seems to prefer a quieter home so come check out this great girl.

Lapzuli 1.JPG


Lapzuli - male DOB 12-16-2013. The name Lapazuli comes from a precious gemstone. He came to our shelter fairly recently and he  needs some time to adjust. He likes a quiet environment and a gentle petting. With a little more time and patience we're sure we can polish this gemstone until he shines.

Webb 6.JPG


Webb is a male. Webb is a gentle cat with a friendly personality. He gets along with kids and dogs and is a no trouble at all kind of guy.  If you're looking for a constant  companion come get tangled in his web.

Gretel 5.JPG


Gretel - female DOB 2-7-2019. Gretel is a cheery girl that is always happy to see you. She does like to reach for you to get your attention. She likes toys and chin scratches and she will be a great cuddle buddy.

Andi 2.JPG


Andi - male DOB 8-24-2022. Andi is a shy boy. He just likes to lay and observe the world around him, He doesn't mind being held so with some extra love and patience he should come out of his shell.

Boon 5.JPG


Boon - male DOB 2-24-2020. This strapping lad is a good looking calm boy. He likes a good petting and doesn't mind being held. Boon will make someone a good lap cat and constant companion.

Pearl 2.JPG


Pearl - female DOB 7-12-2022. Pearl is a very quiet shy girl who is usually found curled up in the corner. She needs some extra time and patience to shine. This Pearl is perfection.

Topaz 4.JPG


Topaz - female DOB 7-28-2022. Topaz is a pretty young lady who came in her brother, Amethyst. They are bonded and spend their day cuddled with each other. They are pretty nervous in their new surroundings but with time love and extra polishing these precious gems will shine.

Amethyst 3.JPG


Amethyst - male DOB 7-28-2022. Amethyst is a little on the timid side. He and his sister, Topaz, get along very well together and are often found cuddling together. He does enjoy some chin scratches with a little time and affection you can polish him into the gem he is.

Grayson 7.JPG


Grayson - male DOB 3-22-2022 This is one good looking lad, with and equally great personality.  He enjoys attention and gets along well with other kitties.  He likes to play with toys.  Brighten his world and adopt him today.

Sugo 6.JPG


Sugo - male DOB 8-15-2022 Sugo (Italian for gravy) is a very laid back boy.  He is very quiet and likes to play with toys when he thinks you aren't looking.  He gets along well with other cats.  He would make a someone a great lap cat.  Please pass the gravy.

Dareica 2.JPG


Dareica- female DOB 9-25-2022 Dereica is a little cutie. She loves to play with toys, especially her favorite mouse, She is a tad shy until she gets to know you. She enjoys attention so let her show you her heart.

Butters 4.JPG


Butters male DOB 3-13-20 - Butters is a butterball. He's a shy guy but very much likes to be petted. He would prefer a quieter household where he can be himself and get to know his new family.

Daid 6.JPG


Daid male DOB 6-18-19 Daid is Gaelic for dad.  He is a gentle gentleman that would love to be your lap cat.  However, he isn't keen on being picked up.  He really enjoys being brushed.  He is FIV positive but that doesn't stop all the love he wants to show you.

Scar 6.JPG


Scar male DOB 7-22-22 This fluffy guy can be a little shy at first but warms up with some treats.  Once he befriends you, make sure you are ready for the love.  Scar is FIV positive and will need to be an only cat or in a home with other FIV Positive cats.

Turnip 4.JPG


Turnip male DOB Our handsome little Turnip is  shy and does take time to warm up, but once he does.. He loves his chin scratched and will let you pet him. Come pick a bunch of our Turnips.

Lilly 1.JPG


Lilly female DOB - Lovely Lilly has a wonderful personality. She adores affection and will make someone a great lap cat.  She never meets a stranger and her little coos will melt your heart.



Spike - male DOB 4-22-2017 Spike is a happy and handsome young man. He is easy going and gets along with everyone. He definitely never meets a stranger and he likes to be held. Spike is an all around great cat.

Biscuit 4.JPG


Biscuit- female DOB Biscuit's antics will keep you entertained. She is a chatty girl and doesn't mind being held or carried. She isn't too fond of other cats. She likes checking things out. Biscuit's bakery is open for business.

Snapdragon 5.JPG


Snapdragon female DOB 12-15-2022 Snapdragon may hiss when you first meet her but then she allows you to pet her.  She does hide in the back of the kennel but will come forward when she's comfortable.  If you giver her time, love and some patience, we're sure she will be a lovely cat.

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