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Long Term Residents

The adorable adoptables featured on this page are the top 10 longest term kitties and pups.  Please consider them first!

Long Term Residents: Text


These animals have been at the shelter anywhere from one to two plus years.  We wanted to highlight them to let you know the attributes of these great animals.  Please come into the shelter to meet and get to know this lovable animals. Once you do, you are going to want to make them a part of your home.

Special Priced Animals

These animals have been in the shelter for entirely too long so we are going to offer them to good homes for half price.  The dogs have an adoption fee of $50 and the cats will have an adoption fee of $42.50.

Marley Updated.jpg


This pretty girl is our longest term resident.  Intake date 7/15/2020.
Marley female Labrador Retriever/Chow mix DOB 7-15-13.  Marley is a sweet girl but may take a while to warm up and is not good with other dogs.  She loves the water and would be great for hiking and camping.  She will be your forever friend for a ball or squeeky toy.  She may be older but she's young at heart.


This handsome boy has been at the shelter since 12-11-2020.  Carson - Male Miniature Australian Shepherd DOB 12-11-2019.  He was owner relinquished.  He knows some commands and is very smart.  He is not fond of men, children, or other dogs.  He takes some time to get to know you, and will need some patience to ensure a good fit.  But once you're acquainted, he is the sweetest love bug.  Do you have room in your heart for this handsome guy?


Viola - Female Shepherd Mix. DOB 1-22-2019.  This playful girl loves to be outside and really enjoys water.  She is a very loving pup but can seem a little shy at first.  Her ideal home is pet free and calm until she can unwind and relax.  She was brought in as a stray and has been at the shelter two and a half years (since 1-22-20221); will you be the one to give her a chance?

Karen New.jpeg


Karen - Female Labrador Retriever DOB 1-20-2020.  She is full of energy and very playful but she also has an attitude. She likely should be a one person dog and she takes a while to warm up to new people. Are you patient enough to win this girl's heart?  She has been at the shelter since 1-22-2021.

Dwayne 5.JPG


Dwayne - Male Boxer DOB 10-2-2019.  He was owner relinquished.  Dwayne has a real presence about him.  He is good with kids but is not a fan of other male dogs.  Come by the shelter and meet this adorable pup.  Intake date 5-6-2021.

Pugsley Extra.jpeg


Pugsley - Male Shepherd/Boxer mix DOB 3-13-2021.  Pugsley and his adorable litter mates were born at the shelter. They are so sweet and love to cuddle and play.  He will make a great addition to your family.  He has been at the shelter his whole life.

Jake 6.JPG


Jake - Male Labrador Retriever mix DOB 3-14-2021. This boy is a good pup with some personality quirks.  He is good with some dogs but not others.  He is also picky about the humans he pals around with.  Not a fan of big crowds but he does like the water and is very playful.  Do you have the time to get to know this pup?  This boy has been at the shelter since 5-22-2021.

Graham Extra 2.jpeg


Graham - Male Labrador Retriever/Hound mix DOB 3-14-2021.  He will make a great guard dog.  Not good with other dogs nor kids.  This handsome guy is ready for a forever home if he can find a good fit.  He came into the shelter on 5-22-2021.

Igor 7.JPG


Igor - Male Terrier mix. DOB 9-1-2020 He was found as a stray.  He gets along with some dogs but not all.  This guy is quiet, energetic and very loving.  This playful boy loves his toys and is ready for a forever home.  Intake: 9-4-2021.



Allan - Male Labrador Retriever/Terrier mix DOB 4-1-2021.  This guy is super sweet.  He is a happy pup that loves to play like his brothers and he is good with other dogs.  He is a big ole meatball of a love bug!  He will make any family a great forever friend.  Intake 10-5-2021.

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Mantis - male DOB 3-1-2021.  Mantis and his 4 litter mates came from a hoarding situation so they came in very timid and scared. In the time they have been with us, they have made a lot of progress from bouncing off walls to letting us pet them. With more work and love the Furious Five (from Kung Fu Panda) won't be so furious.  Intake date is 3-1-2022.



Crane female DOB 3-1-2021.  Crane and her litter mates came from a hoarding situation and with some time has become a friendly girl.  She is quiet and content most of the time and loves playing with the other cats.  She has been at the shelter for a while and is very ready for a forever home.  Intake date is 3-11-2022.

Ping 2.JPG


Ping - male DOB 3-1-2021.  Ping and his 4 litter mates came from a hoarding situation in a very scared state. In the time they have been with us, they have made a lot of progress from bouncing off walls to letting us pet them. With more work and love the Furious Five (from Kung Fu Panda) won't be so furious.  Intake date 3-11-2022.



Majestic - female DOB 3-29-2020. This shy girl is finally coming around. She came with 2 kittens, Lucky and Charm.  This little family were found living outside. If you are the one who can give the extra love and attention, we're sure you will have a strong bond with Majestic.  Intake date 3-29-2022.



Ash - male DOB 5-13-2018. Ash is a pretty shy guy. He's taking a little while longer to adjust. Ash doesn't mind being petted or picked up.  We think he'll come out of his shell in a home with love and patience. He is FIV positive which means he can live a long healthy life but should be an inside cat and an only cat or live in a home with other FIV cats.  Intake date 5-13-2022.



Pepper - female DOB 6-22-2015  Pepper knows she is a beauty and likes to show off,  She doesn't really enjoy being held and she practices kitty parkour when you try.  She is affectionate and will make a great lap cat.  Her owner passed away leaving no one to care for her.  Intake date 6-22-2022.

Marco 5.JPG


Marco - male DOB 11-23-2019.  Marco a quiet and gentle personality, He eats up attention. He'll reach up to you to be picked up or for attention.  This guy gets along well with everyone. He is FIV positive but he can live a long happy healthy life with another FIV positive cat or as a single baby.  Intake 11-23-2022.

Ellsworth New.jpg


Ellsworth - male DOB 1-4-2021. Ellsworth has been fairly nervous since coming to the shelter with his sister, Dawn. So much so he keeps his foot in her kennel next door.  He is sweet, and you can tell he wants so badly to be loved but he gets a little scared.  Intake: 1-4-2023.

Yoshi New.jpg


Yoshi - female DOB 1-3-2017. This beautiful calico likes to be petted but being picked up is not her thing. Her owners moved and couldn't bring her. She seems to prefer a quieter home so come check out this great girl. Intake: 1-4-2023.

Webb 3_edited.jpg


Webb - Male DOB 1-19-2020. Webb is a gentle cat with a friendly personality. He gets along with kids and dogs and is a no trouble at all kind of guy.  If you're looking for a constant  companion come get tangled in his web.  As a long term resident, his adoption fee is discounted to $42.50.

Long Term Residents: Programs
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