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Special Needs & Seniors Pets

Special Needs
- FIV Cats-



Ash - male DOB 5-13-2018. Ash is the sweetest boy, he loves being pet and brushed. He is quiet and gentle.  He would love to meet you! He is FIV positive which means he can live a long healthy life but should be an inside cat and an only cat or live in a home with other FIV cats.   As a long term resident, his adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!

Marco 5.JPG


Marco - male DOB 11-23-2019.  Marco a quiet and gentle personality, He eats up attention. He'll reach up  to you to be picked up or for attention.  This guy gets along well with everyone. He is FIV positive but he can live a long happy healthy life with another FIV positive cat or as a single baby.   As a long term resident, his adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!



Daid male DOB 6-18-19 Daid is Gaelic for dad.  He is a gentle gentleman that would love to be your lap cat.  However, he isn't keen on being picked up.  He really enjoys being brushed.  FIV positive and will need to be an only cat or in a home with other FIV Positive cats.  Don't let this stop you from getting all his love.

Mary 5.JPG


Mary female DOB 9-24-2022  She is a lovely girl. Mary likes a good scratch and enjoys being held and petted. Her purr gets switched on easily. She is FIV positive but that isn't stopping this little lady.  She would need to be in a single cat household, or with other FIV cats. Watch her garden grow.



Female DOB 7-20-2019. This pretty tortoise shell is Jewel. She greets you with a cute coo and is a very expressive and fun girl. She has Feline Herpesvirus, so she should live in a single cat household.  She can live a long and healthy life by managing stressors and remaining current on vaccines.

Special Needs & Senior Pets: Meet the Team

Senior Pets

Dogs aged 6 years or older and cats aged 7 years or older are considered Senior pets.


Marley female Labrador Retriever/Chow mix DOB 7-15-13.  Marley is such a sweet girl- just look at that face!  She loves the water and would be great for hiking and camping.  She will be your forever friend for a ball or squeeky toy.  She will have to be an only pup-child as she doesn't like other dogs.  She may be older but she's young at heart.   As a long term resident, her adoption fee is discounted to $50!

Marley Updated.jpg


Noah - male Labrador Retriever mix 10-28-2013.  He was owner relinquished.  He came in with his sister Sally, who sadly passed away.  Noah enjoys car rides, quiet time, running, walking and playing in the water.  He isn't fond of other dogs.  He just needs a forever home.

Noah New 2.jpeg


Winchester - male Old English Sheepdog DOB 4-4-2014.  This guys is sweet and protective.  He doesn't really like small children but teenagers should be okay.  He is an enthusiastic eater but besides that he is pretty laid back.  He has been an indoor dog most of his life and would prefer to keep it that way.  Just lounging with his family is his cup of tea.



Pepper - female DOB 6-22-2015  Pepper knows she is a beauty and likes to show off,  She doesn't really enjoy being held and she practices kitty parkour when you try.  She is affectionate and will make a great lap cat.  Her owner passed away leaving no one to care for her.



Horatio - male DOB 12-14-2015.  This suave guy is very charismatic and adores chin scratches.  He also loves toys which he doesn't share well with others.  He will probably do best as an only cat.

Horation 2.JPG


Lapzuli - male DOB 12-16-2013. The name Lapazuli comes from a precious gemstone. He came to our shelter fairly recently and he  needs some time to adjust. He likes a quiet environment and a gentle petting. With a little more time and patience we're sure we can polish this gemstone until he shines.

Lapzuli 1.JPG


Milo – Male Rat Terrier Mix DOB 10-27-2017.  Milo is good with most other dogs but can be a little particular with which pups he pals around with.  He is great at fetch and will be your forever friend if you give him a toy.  He is also a cuddle bug and will burrow into blankets!  He loves car rides.  Come by and meet your new passenger!



Female Red Heeler DOB 9-4-2017.  Jane is sweet and a little shy.  She gets along with some other dogs.  She loves toys and walks.  She is also a cuddle bug, she will burrow in blankets or in your jacket.



Yoshi - female DOB 1-3-2017. This beautiful calico likes to be petted but being picked up is not her thing. Her owners moved and couldn't bring her. She seems to prefer a quieter home so come check out this great girl.  As a long term resident, his adoption fee is discounted to $42.50!

Yoshi New.jpg
Special Needs & Senior Pets: Meet the Team
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